Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Teddy Tours Acoras Scar

Set off early this morning Skipton Grassington Pately Bridge Ramsgill and parked at Lofthouse
ignore the blue P sign it's now a private car park
through Studfold farm and onto the bridlway, looking back down Nidderdale
 lots of Bunnys about
and there seems to be lots of Moles at Moor House Farm
looking back down the Bridlway
and back again
the first shooting cabin comes into view, there's a side shed open but the cabins locked tight
plod on and look back again
and the way forward
passed a damp bit with some good tracks (Stoat ?)
looking back again
and to the side (northish)
the top cabin comes into view
passing check that it's unlocked and on a chain and hook great ! pass to have a look at Acoros Scar
steep it's one in stupid
hoping I can get back and remembering a tale I heard about someone Flint (arrowhead) prospecting this way found a skeleton in one of the peat hags that turned out to be a Pedlar complete with leather satchel of sewing needles pins haberdashery etc. from the Pack Horse trail days
made the bottom safely and started to follow the stream down
don't recognise these
and there were lots of these flying about
started to climb back out
not as steep this far down stream
then the top cabin comes back into view
I bet some of the TGO challengers would have liked this
and what a change to not be locked, there were a couple of boards blown off where it was a touch rotten at the back corner so I straightened some scrap nails and did a repair before Teddy opened the Bistro
Lavazza drip coffee, South African Pinotage Shiraz, home made buttered  bread, watercress, baby vine tomatoes, and a home made local beef, beefburger with falafel which is a great dried camping food and beefburger rusk substitute and some Nandoes peri peri ketchup
given 10 Ft. of snow I could have played at being Shackleton. Looking out over Acoras Scar to Great Whernside it looked like an Alien Invasion was brewing
with the Lenticula ? clouds
back down the track
with the ditches in bloom
 and at one point a bubbling Ocher spring

this caught my eye at Mark 002 almost like a circle ?
left the track just below here to explore Blayshaw Gill
I presume this is the piped water from Amgram and Scar house reservoirs
but what a wild camp find
get in late and out early and plenty of Foxgloves flowering on the gill side
and a few Butterflies about
passing through a field gate the gatestone was a work of practical art
came out back onto the Bridleway and it's always a relief to see the van still there.

just thought I'd share, cheers all Danny


  1. Wow, what a lovely walk, great sky pics.

  2. Agree about the stoat tracks - Pic 12 looks like a perfect example.

    Definitely human fingers at Pic 21. Oh, and I reckon that's a Violet Ground Beetle sat on them - a gardener's friend.


  3. I've had a few e-mails from abroad saying they are having dificulty commenting ? here's one from John in the USA :-
    I tried to post a comment on your blog but it wouldn't take. You seem to have a talent for finding interesting places to walk and explore. I always try imagine the prehistoric people living in those areas. They must have been a hardy breed of humans although I'm sure they didn't live much beyond 40 years so they must have been having children at a very young age.

  4. Comments seem to be working from over here in Lancashire. That is a cracking beetle Danny. I like the 'gate art' too - I'm trying to imagine how many hours work went into that.

  5. Great post Danny, fabulous pictures (as always) with interesting notes and humour along the way. I smiled at 'steep it's one in stupid'. I'd love to share a Teddy lunch one of these days.

  6. Hi Mark I'm sure time ran slower, back in the days when anyone would consider chipping out the gate post, I seem to turn round and another month's gone. It'll be getting darker, every night, in 2 weeks !
    cheers Danny

  7. Hi Keith,wouldn't a "teleport" button be handy ? It's very (very!)rare I get above 50 miles from home base, but you never know and would look forward to sharing a lunch in the hills
    thanks Danny

  8. here's a link to the other side gate post

  9. Danny, there is so much of interest in that post that I don't know where to start. That bit about the body of the pedlar in the peat is fascinating. How many people have come to a sticky end like that? We will never know. The moors must be full of them. Not a bad place to end up when you think about it.
    I find that with sheds and bothies and things like that, if they are left open and tidy then people treat them with respect. If you lock them up then it's an invitation to a certain type of person to kick the door down out of nastiness. And then there's the issue of shelter in the mountains, which everyone's entitled to if it exists.
    I see Teddy dined well. The moles don't look too happy though, If I was a mole I'd steer clear of that spot.
    Cheers, Alen

  10. Great post. Those tracks were Rat tracks if you were wondering!

  11. thanks Robert, first blog comment in 6 months, I thought they might have stopped working, just wish I'd had some plaster of paris in the haversack to take a track print

    1. Yeah that would of been cool. A picture is always as informative. If you ever find anything peculiar put a scale j too. I was just wondering whether you know about the origin of the word Acoras and any whether anyone did ever find arrowheads etc up there?

    2. coming up 70 my days in the hills (alone) are getting fewer but I'll take your 'scale' on board ;-) apart from on the map I don't know the origin of Acoras, when ever I find flints in the hills I always take them into Skipton museum for them to record which is where I heard of the Pedlar skeleton find from someone else looking for flints
      Cheers Danny

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. some flints I found