Thursday, 5 January 2012

For Alen McEff

 Cheers Danny and the Bear


  1. Great pictures Danny, where is this?

  2. There all from my Blog and all within 25 miles of Skipton the Blog entry dates are :-
    cheers Danny

  3. Danny, this is absolutely marvelous. What a fantastic collection of photographs. I had no idea there were so many carvings scattered around the countryside. Thank you very much, and thanks to Teddy too.
    Alen McF

  4. The Enchantment
    “A great scientific instrument lies sprawled across the entire surface of the globe. At some period, perhaps it was about 4000 years ago, almost every corner of the world was visited by a group of men who came with a particular task to accomplish. With the help of some remarkable power, by which they could cut and raise enormous blocks of stone, these men erected vast astronomical instruments, circles of erect pillars, pyramids, underground tunnels, cyclopean stone platforms, all linked together by a network of tracks and alignments, whose course from horizon to horizon was marked by stones , mounds and earthworks.”

    “No one knows how the world-wide task was achieved, still less why. And this of course, is the ultimate question. If we know why these people outside the range of written history devoted their entire skill and resources to the construction of a terrestrial pattern that measured both the earth and the heavens, we would know the secret of their universal civilization, a state which now seems hopelessly elusive.” - John Michell, The View over Atlantis

  5. welcome back... missed you.