Friday, 26 August 2011

Crosses and bases around Stonyhurst

From my last Blog post
for Withgill resident
Hello you were driving out of your drive in a black motor today ( 24-8-11 ) and I gave you a  Teddy Tour Tea's card, I found the Cross base in the wood between the wooden electric pole and the hedge and left a small white stick in the grass opposite it on the roadside. Thanks for your help and a full report of todays tour  :-
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1 comments: Oldmortality said...
Obscure, even by your standards ! Glad to hear you're still alive though.

OK 1 click above would have opened up on another Forum where all the photo's would display large without the need to click each one, but if anyone wants to stop on here I've had to up load to Picasa and do it all again !

So :-  On the way home from Humphrey Head Point ( this first bit is a bonus post for you )
We passed this

 I looked it up as the old Mitton Cross Base and marked another 9 (red flag) in the area and printed A4
I made enlargements around the red flags and printed on the back and laminated to take out
 I managed all of them and spotted another 2 on the way round, here's the GPS Mark map
  and I'll give the Map ref as I detail each one -------------------------
    So starting at the Church in Whalley Mark 001 SD 73247 36157
then onto Wiswell Mark 002 SD 74339 37276
then onto Mark 003 and either the maps out or I found another, as the GPS Mark is futher along the path by the fork ? SD 72760 38656

then onto the Church at Great Mitton (no GPS Mark) but SD 71542 38963

and a Sundial
  It was then on to look for Withgill Cross Mark 004 SD 70590 40649
    Quote Originally Posted by lowergate
    Hi Danny,Have a look at the Withgill Cross SD 706 406 - in copse by farm lane, some interesting C17 graffiti - worth a visit as few know of its location. john
    With a bit of head scratching and map in hand I talked to a friendly Gentleman driving out of the drive to Withgill who having lived there 9 years had not heard of it, he got out looked at the map crossed the road looked in the field then there were two of us head scratching, after he left Teddy called in the slash and burn rainforest team and we made our way into the copse
It is here honest I could feel the square base hole on top
and just a little clearing
 but this is how I left it quietly hiding,and for reference it's just over the hedge opposite the wooden electricity pole
    I passed this at Mark 005 SD 68823 40546 and thought it worth a photo ?
 I then drove down into Hurst Green to photo the Cross in the square Mark 006 SD 68511 37928
then just out of the village to Mark 007 SD 69548 37849
 I then passed this at the side of the road at Mark 008 SD68193 39815
  then onto Mark 009 SD 68642 40444
 The next and final one, was the hardest to find including no where to park and no access but I got over the wall by the water culvert
   and thrashed through some deep wet braken
 I was begining to mutter ! when I spotted it, or divined it as it was still a long way off, just about dead centre here at the top of the hill
   1/2 way up and looking back
So finaly at Mark 010 SD 67160 39865
The Bear opened the Bistro a Lavazza drip Coffee and a glass of Chilian Shiraz
just thought I'd share and show how a Tour evolved -- cheers Danny