Saturday, 19 March 2016

Have Bus Pass will Travel !

Mrs QDanT left for the shoe mines/handbag quarrys with the girls this morning Free Time
Rummaged through the fridge/freeezer found some rib-eye packed the Trolly
out to the bus stop with my over 60's free pass asked the driver for the nearest stop to Greeberfield locks please, just ring the bell where you want dropping off his reply (this might ? go big with a click)
 Being an OAP it's only £6 a year to fish from the Anchor Inn to Bank Newton top lock, with the Cross Keys Inn just over 1/2 way,
Had a look round Greeberfield locks

 then headed back the other way
 Flocks of Curlews flying round squeaking

Moorhen very busy
Passed under the road bridge I was going to walk back on, to a dissused canal wharf building
 I'll huff and puff and push your wall down said the Sycamore tree
 charred punk wood from the Fungus Ear Cafe post
 Lit with a spark then a Sulphur match stub
 and some Birch bark

another Moorhen opposite
Peas, Carrots, Smash with Nutmeg and Rib-eye
With a South African Pinotage
Then a pipe of Balkan mix

Then back along the road to the bus stop and a free ride home

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Battered Spam at Sewell's Cave

This is going to be mainly a photo Blog as I've got back stiff and knackered, well I am an OAP ! So I'll post the photo's and save the Waffle for comment answers !
Parked at the same spot as Sundays 'Jews Ear Cafe' Blog and followed the same path (Goat track ledge) past the Fungus Cafe

I'm off to sit by the fire with a Single Malt and a Pipe of Balkan Mix