Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Barbon Cross

This was the start of todays Teddy Tour
and we started by visiting the Swan Inn at Middleton on the Kirkby Lonsdale to Sedbergh road

I asked the Landlord if he’d heard of the Barbon Cross ? yes back just passed the old church and in a field on the right at the top of the hill. I showed him a map print out saying it was further back than this on the Barbon turn off, so couldn’t be this, turned out what he’d described was a Roman Mile Post that I’d seen on the map but ignored, I’m glad I asked as the mile post is well worth a visit. So after a couple of pints of Black Sheep Bitter and excellent Steak and Ale Pie with all the trimmings it was off to find the Mile Post

 I don’t think it’s wright that this is just laying in a field, it should be upright with perhaps a Blacksmith made rail around it to stop it being used as a rubbing post. I gave the Landlord the Blog address, as he wished us luck in finding the Barbon cross which he’d not heard of

parking’s bad but just before the tunnel under the old railway track to Whelprigg there’s a pull in and a plain fence to get onto the track bed and just opposite the end of the wood there’s a step over into the field
 I wonder if Alen McEff gets excited about Klondyke Wood ?

and just over the top of the field, at the front of the wood

just thought I'd share - cheers All

Monday, 28 April 2014

Zebra Billy

here's a post done for a comment reply for Bear Bones Bikepacking
not being a light weight freak, I use a Zebra Billy alot but rather than just post links to past Blogs I thougfht I'd fry a Duck egg and post some photo's

I keep a cut down Trangia pot holder, small tongs for fliping Bacon or Sausage, a spoon, a small grater and a Nutmeg and a Grants whiskey minature full of Olive Oil in the internal cup/plate

under this a stainless steel meths stove and priming syringe inside a felt bag which sits inside a Heinz sponge pudding tin with church key canopener holes punched in this becomes the windshield billy holder

stove primed and lit Olive oil in plate
Duck egg in with hot oil dribbled on top

stove snuffed with simmer ring
slide egg out
cut in half
grate some Nutmeg on, I usually take Nutmeg into the hills rather than Pepper, it's great on mashed Potatoes (Smash)
the plate only needs a wipe
and 'Job's a Gud Un'

P.S. this one's the 12cm Billy