Sunday, 13 May 2012

Brown Hill Barrows

Saturday 12-5-12 parked at the end of the track to Whelpstone Lodge SD 76875 59502

 up to the trig with views of Penyghent and Inglebourgh

 looking back to the trig
 then into the forest

 Pond Strider
shiny beetle eating an empty chrysalis skin 

Logged out
lots of these but they weren't biting
and 1,000's of these
then the focus of the expedition the two Barrows at Brown Hills. 
Finaly made it, as I had to turn back at the first try !

 back down the valley passing Dob Dale

 then climb up to Fair Hill

 I rolled a log in the Bear put a Brew on
then opened the Bistro -
 Lamb and Veg Samosas, Beans, Crumpets and a South African Shiraz

 back down passing a very busy Bee

then a stiff climb passing a Stoop (guide post) in the wood on an old track
 leading back to the Trig

who needs a spring
Pendle Hill comes into view
the Bear has a sugar fix ! with a home made Macaroon bar (eat you heart out Old Mortality) 
with the view back over to where I live, below the hills on the mid horizon
the car comes back into view
just thought I'd share - cheers all Danny