Saturday 5 May 2012

King George V visited in 1911.

Not raining for a change this morning so set off via Barnoldswick Coop where the Bear didn't know whether to get Red or White ? Thornton, Skipton bypass, Bolton Abbey and turned left at the top of Blubberhouses left again for Bramley Head to park at red gate
along the track onto the moor and Rocking Hall and Raven stones plantation come into view on the skyline
followed the wall along, as slightly less boggy and set a pair of Geese up which flew round and round honking at me

Rocking Hall
and Raven stones plantation
made for the plantation first

spotted an odd shaped rock

then I spotted what I thought might be a Roman helmet
turned out to be the copper end of a "posser" think dolly tub clothes washing, what's it doing up here ???
answers on a post card to the Bear
with a look over to Thruscross reservoir with Menwith Hill behind
lots of bivvy spots !
then crossed over to Raven Stones with a superb, even if worn, cup marked stone

looking back to the plantation

then onto Event stones and onto a Grouse butt track uphill to Rocking Hall

the two side doors are unlocked and with the right hand one having a window I went in and put a Russian Caravan Tea, brew on

while this was brewing I had a look round the locked door below the head had a nice stove inside

but the left hand side unlocked shelter at least had a fire place, bench and a table so I swapped over and the Bear opened the Bistro
 the wine choice this morning was solved by buying one of each ! South African a Shiraz and a Savignon Blanc, so crumpets, butter, marmite, and a piece of "extra tasty" Lancashire cheese
had another look round

there's some strang sculpted stones around here, I don't know when the last time the boulder "rocked" but it must have back in the time the cups were being carved (5000 years ago) and was no doubt a focus point ?
Back in for a final brew and the banana
then set off for Bank Edge with a look back and I was being watched

there was a breif snow flurry as I took this on the wall top at Grain Close
but it only threatened and I made it back to the car at Red Gate dry.
just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. Danny,
    I don't understand. Is that a person's home or is it open for the public? What a great building. This is an extremely interesting tour. The Bear is looking like he's developing a drinking problem. John Hall from Obamaland.

  2. Hi John, I found this :-
    An early example of a shooting house, built in 1758 for the Bolton Abbey Estate. It is a substantial stone-built structure and features separate rooms for the shooters and beaters. It takes its name from a large ‘rocking stone’ nearby. It lies next to an earlier 17th century farmhouse. It is still in use and has been visited by many distinguished guests, including King George V in 1911.
    So the two side rooms are unlocked and can be used as a walkers refuge, the last mention of the stone rocking was 150 years ago.
    cheers Danny

  3. You and that bear know how to look after yourselves. Another fascinating trip out into the wilds, Danny – and it looks really wild in places. And more cup carvings. They must have been a busy lot, those Bronze Age chippers.
    Regards, Alen McF

    1. Hi Alen -Teddy's Bistro ! Wild but less than 3 miles from Bolton Abbey on a, good weather, bank holiday weekend and didn't see a soul all day ! the chippers certainly left an Enigma ?
      cheers Danny

    2. hi DaD... the plantation area looks good for a picnic...specially where that tree is just hanging on... the head over the door what do you think its means?ROCKING HALL... THANKYOU big hugxxxxxxxxjustine

    3. Hello Justine, might even sneak in for an overnight camp ! the Head I think is just following the tradition of :-
      thanks for comment hugs, XXX, back Dad

    4. hi DaD ....THANKYOU for the link... yes the heads over europe are known to be quite popular ... i've noticed many here in Italy ...actually i look out for them ... oh that hemlet has even holes to let the air come through ...big hugxxxxxxxjustine

    5. Helmet with cross ventilation? That's funny. I'm afraid if that were in the U.S., there would be homeless living in it as well as being destroyed. I know the stove would be long gone. Glad to see some of the history is preserved. And thanks to Danny, many of us can take armchair adventures.