Friday, 31 December 2010

Teddy Tours Marble Steps Pot

Parked at the bottom of Kingsdale. Looking into Kingsdale at Whernside


Looking back to Ingleton
Climbing up and looking over Twistleton Scars to Penyghent
 A bit further and the Lake District comes into view
Climbed up, off the path, to the cairn on Low Plain to look over to Penyghent
 The tree tops at Marble Steps Pot began to show
Into the wood and the first view of the Pothole
looking down
 Some icicles hanging in
 and the trees hanging on
Teddy hangs on
Teddy tries a spot of ice climbing
I boil some water and start a drip coffee off (Lavazza) before frying some Rump steak
Home made bread with Canadian (red spring) whole-wheat flour and a 2007 Rioja,CampoViejo
just thought I’d share – cheers all Danny

Teddy Tours Raven Scar

10th March
I take my photos at 3264 x 2448 resolution which means I have to pan about on my computer screen and reduce them to 800 x 600 for photo bucket to share here.Panning about though brings details into view that the eye might have mist.I noticed this on the large photo in Mondays tour to scale moor
thats all it took for Wednesdays Tour let's go and see what it is, if only because the map says it's on Raven scar. Parking the van in the disused quarry layby at SD71800 75108 on the Ingleton to Hawes road I crossed the road and made my way up the hill through the old quarry workings after the first uphill slog the second plateau brought me into the snow. The path's the curve on the right heading for the cairn
Looking over to Whernside
starting to get above Twistleton scar level with the Lake district coming into view
 The next plateau brings Inglebourgh into view with lots of sandstone erratics 

By now it was dinner time and I had a crust with a scrape of Marmite and a cup of tea in a plastic cup water boiled on a Swiss volcano cooker using a couple of solid fuel tablets in a 1oz Tobacco tin with some Sterno solid fuel jell.Telescopic magnet pen to place lid on down volcano to snuff to use for next brew.3 tabs and a fill of jell is good for at least x3 brews.while the Bear had a home made bread (Canadian wheat flour) Honey roast peppered Ham with mustard,watercress and vine Tomato sandwich with Champagne in a Lead crystal glass

Lot's of sandstone erratics about with Ribblehead viaduct in the back ground
 Then another snow climb to the next plateau
bringing Inglebourgh nearer
It was then along and down to the cairn which was the "how and why" of the tour
which turned into a brew and photo stop Swiss army volcano again relit from dinner
looking at Inglebourgh

Looking over to Scale moor Mondays dinner stop at the cairn with the brew stop Easter island head boulder behind right
with the light turning golden I set off back towards Ingleton to stop and photograph the sun set
on the way home
 just thought I'd share cheers all Danny

Teddy Tours Brimham Rocks

3rd March
With the weather looking better than forcast, I set off this morning with Brenda and Teddy to drive through Grassington and Pately Bridge to Brimham Rocks SE 20661 65110
 still plenty of snow about
 After a brew using an Optimus #96 (running on paraffin ) We opened a bottle of South African Pinotage and put the simmer ring baffle on to cook Risotto Rice with Porcini Mushrooms,cooks blowtorch to prime and light stove
served with Tomato and home made bread Canadian wholewheat/white mix with poppy seeds and yellow Sultanas
 just thought I'd share cheers all Danny

Teddy Tours Druids Temple

1st. March
Had a day out with Mrs QDan (Brenda) we managed Skipton, Blubberhouses, Harrogate, Ripon, Masham OK then got into the backroads  we passed cross road after crossroad and junction after junction without a road sign, we even went through villages with no sign to say where we were, and there was no one about to ask. So after a couple of doubling backs and allot of swearing at the map we managed to find SE 17471 78710 mainly by looking for the farm name signs. So along a forest road as far as a locked gate then no real car park or signs we stopped got out the gear and walked through the forest to find
that was the first view and these were a few walking round it

All the surrounding woods were full of boulders
Back to the main circle for dinner, Teddy and Brenda argued as to who was chief druid
Dinner Bacon and Egg with Crinkle cut Chips Perri Perri Ketchup cooked on a Czechoslovakia "Meva" 2 pint paraffin roarer which with no wind didn't need to be in the Jacobs biscuit tin wind shield I have this in a silent burner model as well
and a South African Pinotage/Shiraz

 an enjoyable day out and dinner, just thought I'd share, cheers all Danny