Friday, 31 December 2010

Teddy Tours Raven Scar

10th March
I take my photos at 3264 x 2448 resolution which means I have to pan about on my computer screen and reduce them to 800 x 600 for photo bucket to share here.Panning about though brings details into view that the eye might have mist.I noticed this on the large photo in Mondays tour to scale moor
thats all it took for Wednesdays Tour let's go and see what it is, if only because the map says it's on Raven scar. Parking the van in the disused quarry layby at SD71800 75108 on the Ingleton to Hawes road I crossed the road and made my way up the hill through the old quarry workings after the first uphill slog the second plateau brought me into the snow. The path's the curve on the right heading for the cairn
Looking over to Whernside
starting to get above Twistleton scar level with the Lake district coming into view
 The next plateau brings Inglebourgh into view with lots of sandstone erratics 

By now it was dinner time and I had a crust with a scrape of Marmite and a cup of tea in a plastic cup water boiled on a Swiss volcano cooker using a couple of solid fuel tablets in a 1oz Tobacco tin with some Sterno solid fuel jell.Telescopic magnet pen to place lid on down volcano to snuff to use for next brew.3 tabs and a fill of jell is good for at least x3 brews.while the Bear had a home made bread (Canadian wheat flour) Honey roast peppered Ham with mustard,watercress and vine Tomato sandwich with Champagne in a Lead crystal glass

Lot's of sandstone erratics about with Ribblehead viaduct in the back ground
 Then another snow climb to the next plateau
bringing Inglebourgh nearer
It was then along and down to the cairn which was the "how and why" of the tour
which turned into a brew and photo stop Swiss army volcano again relit from dinner
looking at Inglebourgh

Looking over to Scale moor Mondays dinner stop at the cairn with the brew stop Easter island head boulder behind right
with the light turning golden I set off back towards Ingleton to stop and photograph the sun set
on the way home
 just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. I should kick myself for not getting to this area more often. The scenery is spectacular. Your photos are superb, Danny.

  2. He He !
    posted 31-12-2010
    1st. comment 2-2-2012 - cheers Alen

  3. S'like buses - you wait forever for nor to come along, and then....
    I've already been bemoaning my recent neglect of this stunning scenery practically on my doorstep. Must definitely make amends this year. Great photos.

  4. Some wonderful pictures here!