Friday, 31 December 2010

Teddy Tours Brimham Rocks

3rd March
With the weather looking better than forcast, I set off this morning with Brenda and Teddy to drive through Grassington and Pately Bridge to Brimham Rocks SE 20661 65110
 still plenty of snow about
 After a brew using an Optimus #96 (running on paraffin ) We opened a bottle of South African Pinotage and put the simmer ring baffle on to cook Risotto Rice with Porcini Mushrooms,cooks blowtorch to prime and light stove
served with Tomato and home made bread Canadian wholewheat/white mix with poppy seeds and yellow Sultanas
 just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. Danny I can't believe these formations are totally natural!! look at the 5th picture, how the hell do the big bolders get onto the stone below and how does the whole construcion keep its balance? absolutely unimaginable.The pyramids are a stick of carrot by comparison. these stones are a total wonder. tell me how did they get on top???? no people involved?. And how did you know where they were? was it a discovery for you, too? Are they famous? why don't more peole pilgimage to them and why are the pyramides so famoaus and these not at all???

  2. Hi Avis, yes it does look like a sculpture park but it is natural, the balancing one is all one boulder with the lower part more eroded than the top. I’ve done another post with similar boulders above Hebden-Bridge (copy and paste)
    thanks for comment Danny