Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Imperial Money Spider

Ta Da another Drum Roll
the last post was a Decimal Money Spider this one's an Imperial Money Spider
I patinated it with Liver of Sulphur, to match the leg colour
Busy in the spider workshop

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Glass splinter in Eye

Having lots of glass seed beads left over from when I tied fishing flies. I came up with the idea of making a Spider, with copper wire legs, the normal size hole in the 'Bugle' seed beads is 0.6mm but 0.5mm copper wire was not stiff enough to support the Spider, so I searched through them to find some that would fit onto 0.9mm wire, as they're mass produced quite a few did.
I was wearing my Bi-focal glasses but while pushing one of the blue Bugle beads up the wire one of them shattered and a tiny shard bounced off my cheek under my glasses and stuck in my left Eye ! I kept calm didn't blink or rub it. Luckily there was a glass eye bath on the shelf in front of me, dug up while bottle digging, into the bathroom, washed it out 1/2 filled it with Optrex from the first aid cabinet, still not blinking put it to my eye and rocked head back and forth and side to side, took it off and looked inside to find a tiny blue shard !
the eye bath is now in the first aid cabinet next to the Optrex which might have a tiny plastic top but no way is it as good as the glass eye bath.
Just thought I'd share