Saturday, 17 March 2018

Shrimp rescue

Passing a Pet shop, with a few tanks, I spotted one tank (no water flow) with about 5 Shrimp in, and quite a few small fish, most of the Shrimp were in a huddle not moving but one was searching the gravel which I've read means it's hungry as they're filter feeders, Atyopsis Moluccensis - Bamboo/Wood Shrimp and seen as I'd a small tank set up with nothing in - Sold ! asking the owner if they sold Liquifry I was asked what for ? to feed the shrimp untill I get an Infusoria culture going was my reply, you don't need that they eat bits of food and Algae pellets off the gravel I tried to explain that they sat on a rock etc. in a water flow and let the food come to them but it fell on deaf ears ??? Got home and rearranged the rocks in the tank and fit the filter opposite. Acclimatised the Shrimp and put it in. As soon as it landed on the bottom it was off foraging I dropped a drop of Liqifry in by the filter out flow, it climbed the rocks and started feeding then I added a pinhead size Spirulina Powder (Algae) to tank water in a pipette and squeezed it out just in front of it, it couldn't eat it fast enough. It's exploring the tank at the moment certainly not hiding

the feathery fronds on the front four legs are like sea anenome legs and are sticky so as bits of food in the water current stick to them the Shrimp closes them in turn and pulls them through it's mouth to suck the food bits off.
I think that was my Good Deed for the day rescuing it from a pet shop that didn't even know what or how to feed it. I'm still waiting for my Brackish tank to go through it's Nitrogen cycle before I can get some Shrimps for it

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Algae starting to grow

195gm Marine Salt = SG 1.012
Water @ 75*F
API ph test = 7.8
16/2/18 --------- 5ml API Quick Start (Nitrosoma and Nitrobacter Bacteria)
19/2/18 ---------- x 10 drops Ammonium Chloride
API Ammonia test = 2 ppm
API Ammonia test = 1 ppm
API Ammonia test = 1 ppm
API Ammonia test =  0.50 ppm
API Nitrite test =  0.50 ppm
API Nitrate test = 1 ppm
04/3/18-----------x 5 drops Ammonium Chloride
API Ammonia test = 2 ppm