Thursday, 30 June 2011

TNA Tour to Bleasdale Stone Circle & Fairy Holes

I'll stick some photo's on for those that were there, so will not waste too many words.
Photograph taken at 07:25 this morning in my back garden
then onto Bleasdale Circle see :- and set up the Bender and got the crinkle cut chips on
Had a look around and on full zoom you can see Blackpool Tower
A Cleg landed on the tarp ridge - Nice Eyes!
The crew landed, and Teddy served Crinkle cut chips with Nandoes Perrie Perrie Ketchup and a French stick, buttered rounds, the Bear had a South African Pinotage I had a drip Lavazza Coffee
It was then off to Fair Oak House at SD 64879 46013
and follow the green dots on the map left by :-
and then into the wood
which for us "old buggers" was on a one in stupid slope
At the Fairy Holes
Watch out Trolls about
Teddy plays with Ectoplasm
Where am I ? Who am I ? It's all gone black ! BUMP!
Phew! Daylight
 Set off back
It gets steeper!
North Face of the wood

the promised Sedan Chair never showed up !
Coffee for some, Oxygen for others but it's all downhill from here
Well this is the most folk I've seen in one go for years ! and I enjoyed it so although I've posted this on the TNA forum I thought I'd copy to the Blog and share.
cheers all Danny
for Mark a Mark

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Above Blow Tarn

This is where Oldmortality's Tumble Weeds start from
Tuesday 28-6-11 had another scout around the area from :- this time parked at 001
then had a look at 002 with Simons Seat on the left horizon

at 003
 004 Simons Seat in background
 Lunch at 005
on to 006
then 007
It was a Sculpture Park all around
The Bear took up residence
Back via Green Grooves checking out the Boulders
and with the evening Sun lighting up Simons Seat
It was back to the Van, just thought I'd share cheers all Danny

Monday, 27 June 2011

Best time to cut a stick ?

"When tha see's Bugger !"
In the last post John from the USA commented that I seemed to have a new stick and I replied :-

QDanT said...
Hi John in the US of A it's my Sunday or best stick the wood's Hazel and as it's grown a Honeysuckle creeper as grow up it, over a few years, and has squeezed into it. I spotted it growing on Arnside Knott a few years ago and as they say "when's the best time to cut a stick" with the answer "when tha sees bugger !" the top's a piece of deer antler just thought it was the right stick for a stone circle cheers Danny
it's funny the map ref.says Mark this being Beating the Bounds land I wonder if he had his eye on it but was waiting for the right time to cut it ? Sorry there Mark !
 I've just dragged some of the stick pile out of the "shed" this morning to add here
sometimes when out, I've to stop looking as if I get "the stick head on" I don't see anything else all day.
just thought I'd share cheers all Danny