Thursday, 30 June 2011

TNA Tour to Bleasdale Stone Circle & Fairy Holes

I'll stick some photo's on for those that were there, so will not waste too many words.
Photograph taken at 07:25 this morning in my back garden
then onto Bleasdale Circle see :- and set up the Bender and got the crinkle cut chips on
Had a look around and on full zoom you can see Blackpool Tower
A Cleg landed on the tarp ridge - Nice Eyes!
The crew landed, and Teddy served Crinkle cut chips with Nandoes Perrie Perrie Ketchup and a French stick, buttered rounds, the Bear had a South African Pinotage I had a drip Lavazza Coffee
It was then off to Fair Oak House at SD 64879 46013
and follow the green dots on the map left by :-
and then into the wood
which for us "old buggers" was on a one in stupid slope
At the Fairy Holes
Watch out Trolls about
Teddy plays with Ectoplasm
Where am I ? Who am I ? It's all gone black ! BUMP!
Phew! Daylight
 Set off back
It gets steeper!
North Face of the wood

the promised Sedan Chair never showed up !
Coffee for some, Oxygen for others but it's all downhill from here
Well this is the most folk I've seen in one go for years ! and I enjoyed it so although I've posted this on the TNA forum I thought I'd copy to the Blog and share.
cheers all Danny
for Mark a Mark


  1. The National Archives?
    Total Nonstop Action (Wrestling)?
    Trigeminal Neuralgia Association UK?
    Thursday Night Anarchists?
    Please elucidate further! Where's them Fairy Holes then?

  2. Hi Mark I've added a map and link to the post
    Did you like the "Cleg's eyes" ?
    cheers Danny

  3. I think the bear has a drinking problem. Seriously, great photos that always tell a story. As usual, I'm interested in knowing if you found any evidence of pre-historic habitation in the cave. I'm sure some of the ancestors used it for shelter and a place to meet women and drink beer. You people look like you had a great day. John from the land of bad beer.