Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Addingham High Moor

Tuesday 14-6-11 Stopped to photograph the Thief Thorn Standing Stone  above Draughton,
reminds me of the Porridge Stoop
though someone took it upon themselves to re-carve it 40 odd years back, it's weathered in a little now, carried on to park above Silsden 001 on the map
with a view up the Aire valley over Silsden to Crosshills with Pendle hill on the horizon top right
and turning round
stile in the wall and followed the path up
with hundreds of these flying about all the way around, much more orange on top but they always folded their wings when not flying
they were very busy making more for next year
going up with a view of Beamsly Beacon over Wharfdale
still going up Windgate Nick comes into view
looking back from near the top Pendle Hill's distinct shape top left
and at the top 002

I always liked the Red Comet racing mail plane back when I hung Airfix kits on cotton from the bedroom ceiling
Just along the cliff at 003
I think it's a Wolf ? but any way the Bear got in the act
and so did my "black stalker"
looking along towards Ilkley
I spotted a Millstone in the grass
then looking over the cliff edge

and over the wall into the field, because I spotted this
brought several more into view looking back

climbed back up with a view up Wharfdale with Great Whernside on the horizon
It was then back to Black Hill and on to the Doubler Stones
the last visit was in the 1950's !
on top of the right hand one
It was then over to some rocks that took my eye at 007

with Rivock Edge wood in view
which seemed a good spot for lunch :- home made bread, watercress,vine tomato and cave aged Wooky Hole Chedder with a drip Lavazza coffee and a glass of Californian Petite Sira
then went for a wander over the moor to find what look to be smaller millstone roughs at 010 and 011
there's the black stalker again
It was cracking flags or should that be millstones ? hot all day so I headed back to Windy Nick to finish the last of my water, then back to the van passing a carved rock at 013
the van comes into view
and so doe's the murk I guess it's just a normal air quality "down in the valley " ?  and Keighley

the last stile
just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. Thanks for sharing Danny. That is a very interesting walk. All those mill stones. Incredible. It hardly “bears" thinking about.
    And you had a lovely weather day too.

  2. OK Puns-R-Us have a nice day
    cheers Danny

  3. Danny,
    The millstones photos are very interesting. I'm surprised they are still around and not in someone's garden or an antique store. Were they quarried near those locations and then brought to a mill? The photo of Teddy with the stone face was spooky. Very nice composition. Cousin John

  4. Hi Danny,
    Picking up from John's point - why are the millstones still there and not in a mill somewhere? I'm sure I read somewhere about a landowner who, in a time of economic downturn (imagine that!), philanthropically had men turning out millstones for which there was no market. Of course - he could just have paid them a few quid and let them go fishing, but paternalism doesn't seem to go that far!
    Could these be those very millstones?
    I think that the butterflies are small heaths. I saw loads of them last weekend above Swindale which I will eventually get round to posting about (but possibly not for a while yet).

  5. Hi John and Mark I'll see what I can find out about them and the location, meanwhile I'll do a post on another one I found
    cheers Danny

  6. I love those eyes Danny. Very clever.