Monday, 27 June 2011

Best time to cut a stick ?

"When tha see's Bugger !"
In the last post John from the USA commented that I seemed to have a new stick and I replied :-

QDanT said...
Hi John in the US of A it's my Sunday or best stick the wood's Hazel and as it's grown a Honeysuckle creeper as grow up it, over a few years, and has squeezed into it. I spotted it growing on Arnside Knott a few years ago and as they say "when's the best time to cut a stick" with the answer "when tha sees bugger !" the top's a piece of deer antler just thought it was the right stick for a stone circle cheers Danny
it's funny the map ref.says Mark this being Beating the Bounds land I wonder if he had his eye on it but was waiting for the right time to cut it ? Sorry there Mark !
 I've just dragged some of the stick pile out of the "shed" this morning to add here
sometimes when out, I've to stop looking as if I get "the stick head on" I don't see anything else all day.
just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. These are works of art. John from the land of bad beer.

  2. What a cracking stick! No - I can't claim to have seen it first - though I have been on the look out for that combination of hazel and honeysuckle. Because the hazel on Arnside Knot is coppiced still I suppose its probably a prime spot. We had a neighbour (sadly passed on) who used to carve fabulous sticks - looks like you have a collection to rival his!

  3. Wow top collection of sticks you have there Dan.

    Take care and all the best.