Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bleasdale Stone Circle

Defied the weather Gods and set off into the tempest, with wipers and headlights on full,
Earby - Barnoldswick – Gisburn – Chatburn – Clitheroe – Chipping – Bleasdale, to park in the car park at the church of St. Eadmer’s  at Admarsh,
(never heard of this St. before ?) the heavy rain stopped as I landed, the paths wet but not raining now
there's no village just the church in the middle of nowhere
followed the lane along to

so that was easy map reading ! there wasn't a path as such just x3 kissing gates in view over the next x3 meadows. Even if I'd have bothered to take the haversack off I wouldn't have fit through, the middle one, now I might be beer belly challenged never mind Fat Bar Stuard but unless your size zero your going to have to climb over like I did
the Circle's in the wood ahead, the stone on the chain is a weather stone,
well it can't be to keep the gate shut as nowt can get through anyway ! soon at the wood
and an information board
I've uploaded large (x2 clicks) but if not readable hold Ctrl down then click +,
onto the circle

there's old concreate pillars where the wooden ones used to be, had a look around

before picking a spot for Teddys Bistro
the haversacks only wet from brushing through the bushes, first on a Lavazza drip coffee
while the Bear whisks up a pancake batter
So grub up, Pancakes with Greek (squeezy) Honey and a South African Pinotage
before a final look at the circle and earth bank
and it didn't rain
before setting off back to the van, the roads were flooded on the way back and there'd been a cloud burst at Earby / Barlick ! just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. Did you change the head on your walking staff? Seems like it used to have a brass knob. What kind of wood is it? Great tour as usual. John from the land of bad beer.

  2. Hi John in the US of A it's my Sunday or best stick the wood's Hazel and as it's grown a Honeysuckle creeper as grow up it, over a few years, and has squeezed into it. I spotted it growing on Arnside Knott a few years ago and as they say "when's the best time to cut a stick" with the answer "when tha sees bugger !" the top's a piece of deer antler just thought it was the right stick for a stone circle
    cheers Danny