Saturday, 11 June 2011

It's all Mark's Fault

Only 1 and 3/4 mile but 28,000 ft. of UP with x2 tanks of oxygen and a blood transfusion at the top ! even the Bear mopped his brow with a Kapok hanky, and had a glass of Bollinger.----- 
After posting
in the Acoras Scar post I didn’t show the other side of the gate hole because it was a typical Farm messy bodge where there was some new walling, to make the gate hole bigger like a Bloody great big tractor is more efficient or something, finished off with something like a pre-cast (but lovingly poured !) concrete post, but it’s been on my mind – where have I seen the other side which is required ??? I had to ask the Bear and we set off this afternoon to park for the Watersheddles Cross post to find

at 001 on the map but to tie the walk in with the last couple of posts with Boundary stones we followed the County Boundary line over the moor  passing some glacier gauged boulders on the way

with 001 coming into view
higher the van V and Watersheddles Cross W were in view
with a  view over to Keighley and Rivock Edge wood  just left of centre on the horizon  - 
 and a zoom
the Lad or Scarr on Crow Hill comes into view

on the map you can see a big kink in the boundary line this was due to a parish boundary dispute in 1788 as to who was going to pay the burial costs of a found body
a story is told how a boy walking across the moor from Lancashire into Yorkshire was caught in a storm in which he died.The two counties Quarrelled who should bury him.Lancashire said "no" because died in Yorkshire.Yorkshire said "no" because he died in Lancashire' Eventually Trawden buried him and Lancashire claimed a great part of the moor,

The Bear said Bollocks and opened the Bar Australian Shiraz  
 with a look over to the Alcomden stones
 and on full zoom I had company !
couldn’t see anyone on Inglebourgh though
set off in the Haworth Keighley direction
passing ? dinosaur tracks, hieroglyphics
before 001 comes into view
looking over Watersheddles reservoir with the van a white dot to the right
I spy
It’s all Marks fault !
set off back down and turn round for a final look
 here’s a steep bit coming up
looking downstream
 and across and up to the van It was all Marks Fault ! 
cheers all apart from Mark, just thought I'd share Danny


  1. I enjoyed that post Danny especially over an Australian Shiraz. Cheers

  2. Even the rocks in England are interesting. I'm ashamed to say, that in the U.S. some ass would have chipped their name on them. Danny,thanks for posting the photos as well as the history of region. Cousin John from the land of bad beer and guns.

  3. Hi Alan, I spotted the wine in "home bargins" a bit back Banockrock at 99p for a 187 ml glass bottle ! thats under £4 for a normal 750 ml. I bought them out, they might get it back in stock they've lots more small wines at 99p but they're in plastic bottles. Cheers indeed Danny

  4. Hi John, thanks for working out how to post from the USA. I see what you mean
    but it goes on over here as well !
    Have you seen any of these ?
    cheers Danny in UK

  5. Those gateposts really are amazing Danny. Things aren't built to last like that these days. Surely you can find some more examples? (heh heh)