Friday, 8 April 2011

Teddy Tours to Wandjina Stone

Earby - Foulridge where I called in the Pennine Cauldron Cafe and scored another free Oat Square (see ) from Simon, then over the hill to drop down into Glusburn and Crosshills where I come from
it was then on to Silsden and up the steep hill to park at the T junction on the Silsden to East Morton road
I set off along the footpath for the TV relay station but turned off to head into the forestry plantation passing several of these again, some were making caterpillars !
Into the plantation to be met with lots of these on the trees
I thought it might say trespassers will be shot, but the Bear said it says free beer at the top of the wood
neither happened and came out onto the moor half way along the wood to find the first Cup and Ring boulder almost weathered away
but the next nearer the wood was in better condition
Marble time
Followed the edge of the wood to mark 004 passing a T for Teddy carved into a boulder
Had to climb the wall to head for the Trig point
Here over looking Silsden and snacking the Oat Square, it must have been the hottest day so far this year with not a cloud in the sky I was glad of my water bottle. Set off along Rivock Edge
where it meets the wood the Wondjina Stone another badly worn with time, here's an idea get English heritage to enploy a good stone mason to re-cut them ? here overlooking Keighley
and a close up
a near by boulder on the edge had some cups
this looking over the Aire valley bypass and railway, to Cononley moor just see the Lead mine chimney the industrial eyesore at Kildwick with Crosshills to the left and the road heading for Lothersdale and then up and over to Earby. Mike Knipe will recognise the aerial on the sky line for years it was called Big Ears
It was then into the wood
to find another boulder covered in pine needles but I had a brush in the haversack
most of the cups have a ring around
It was then back down to the van where I was glad of the water stash before I drove to the Whetstone quarry marked top right on the map photo #2
I pulled in and made dinner in the back of the van out of the wind - Lavazza drip coffee and Crumpets with Wooky hole cave matured chedder cheese no butter though as it had melted !
I then set off for Whetstones gate
with a view of Cowpers cross (twelfth century)  to the left
followed the track down with Ilkley coming into view
and then cut across the moor
to come to the Badger Stone with Menwith Hill Echelon in the background again
someone had used a black wax crayon to high light the carvings
at least it's better than the white chalk
the whole face is covered in carvings
The Bear opened the the bar a South African Pinotage Shiraz
had a wander along from here then it was an uphill slog back to the van and it was still cracking flags phew!
just thought I'd share cheers all Danny
Update on sign in woods, I just had this via e-mail :-

  I  do thnk its   either  someone trying  very crudely to nvent russian via  some other language or it is polish kabel the first wird  sounds   like   what I know as male dog. But I jcan't find it, to say  not knowing the spelling I cant find it. what I do find is   the russified word cabel,(electric cabel) from the German  Kabel. 
next word предостор   does not exist in russian but has elemnts of the russian word for  Attention, danger  which  is: предосорожность
then  ежениа does not exist in Russian  ежик  exists which is one of those animals   with spikes people give milk to what  s its name???Kids all love it
внутри a russian word indeed meaning 'inside',' within' and  its that word that made me think you were making it all up because  one says in English within 10 meteres  but you definitely cannot use that word in the context of distance
and метров  is meters.  so  I loosely thought  you meant  Teddy. although Teddy or bear is  медвед  in Russian.  but looking at it again   they are obviosly warning  whomever  about the electric  cabel.  but it aint Russians  doing it.
yours Avis.


  1. Ah, yes , Big ears. I lived at Farnhill too for a couple of years - not too far from all those rocks. I've seen some of them, but there seems to be a lot more than I ever visited. I must go back.

  2. Some interesting carvings, much different to those I've seen in North Yorkshire and Durham. I envy your walks at the moment, slipped a disc on Friday whilst gardening.

  3. Inspired by your prehistoric rock art, I unearthed a book I've had for some time entitled 'Prehistoric Rock Art of County Durham, Swaledale and Wensleydale by Stan Beckensall and Tim Laurie ISBN 1-897585-45-4, it has some great sites with maps. Thought it might be of interest.

  4. thanks Keith looks interesting but out of my league :- Amazon books
    United Kingdom Softcover, ISBN 1897585454
    Publisher: County Durham Books, 1998
    Used, good, Used second-hand book, condition: good., Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days £60.80

  5. That's a fortune, I didn't pay anything near that amount, and it's only a paper back. Never mind.

  6. Hi Keith, it was under £10 when published !
    cheers Danny

  7. Great post Danny,really enjoyed it.

  8. Just popped by, great site dan.

  9. It look s like a good trek this one, I will have to do it now. Thanks again for the link Dan!

  10. I see you and teddy are still going strong. Well done Danny.

  11. Those signs are popping up everywhere!
    Looks like Ted had a grand outing.

    1. cheers Andrew I'll put a link back to your blog post on the signs