Friday, 1 April 2011

Great Bride Stones

I had an e-mail notification to my Brimham Rocks post
So thank you Avis, here's some more erroded boulders, 16th Febuary, these are on the top road from
Burnley to Hebden Bridge.
Lots of contours above Todmorden
and still plenty of snow, came up to trig point in a snow flurry SD 9323 2673
the Great Bride Stones are just below and to the side
with the low cloud and snow I took the photo's on "snow" setting but they still came out dark
so have had to lighten in photo software
it's like being at a sculpture park
I bet full moon would be "spooky"
found a spot out of the wind with a seat and table for dinner
made a brew then steak and onions in a homemade bread (Canadian wholewheat) sandwich
with this the view to the right
 and this left down towards Todmorden
thanks go to Avis for prompting the post - cheers all Danny

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