Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cup and Ring Stone mystery solved

Set off this morning Skipton by-pass, Bolton Abbey, Blubberhouses, to park on the Askwith moor road, 
I did drive all the way around on the bottom Snowden Carr road but any where suitable to park had been blocked off, the parking spot I did manage had several large boulders across the entrance limiting it to just one car, although the weather had brightened up at first I thought my door was stuck it was that windy but tackled up and climbed over the barbed wire fence onto the moor with my excess haversack straps playing whip-cracker way and trying to take my eyes out ! here’s mark 001 on the map
I’d no sooner taken this then I’d to chase my hat passing another carved (?) boulder, here looking back to the van and the first boulder,
hat retrieved and tied on with spare boot lace under chin and a close up of  #2
It was then along the front of Snowden Crags
passing a cup I wet to try and add some contrast
 looking back along the Crags
with lots of them around mark 002 having water bowls
and carved channels
there was a convenient new gas pipe trench scar across the moor so I followed it up to the top road to get to the green lane. to be met by this
the stile walled up and barb-wired and the gate padlocked  and barb-wired. What’s the point ? (No Pun intended) I was just getting annoyed head on, when I spotted this
I wonder if it knows Lord Snot doesn’t want it flying over HIS moor, it put me in a better frame of mind and I’m glad I zoomed on telephoto first because thinking of macro and getting a bit closer it was off, and had no problems where’s I still had my hat tied on ? On to the next rock at mark 003 there’s a couple of cups with rings
but they’re getting very faint as the rock slowly dissolves with 5,000 years of weather
after a wander about I came to this one at mark 004 and looking over it towards Ilkley
 another slowly dissolving
it was then up to the trig point, I checked out the grouse buts to have dinner but it was just too windy, it would have blown my wine out of the glass ! so made do with water and a Snicker and used the trig as a steady for full zoom of the Kilburn White Horse
A bit further down and the van comes into view with Menwith Hill “Echelon” behind and the wind turbines in the White Horse photo to the right
 just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. Looked like a great day out pal. Thanks for sharing! P.S how did you create that rather good looking map route?

  2. Garmin eTrexH GPS switched on in pocket to make the flagged marks press mark press ok, back home have Memory Map on computer, connect GPS click download track and or marks which then load onto the map, what I do then is centre and scale the map and press print screen then paste into Windows paint, outline crop to size edit cut edit paste into new window save as, then upload to Picasa web albums.There's probably an easier way just how I do it
    cheers Danny