Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I’ll have my Ashes scattered here

I’ve put this post on in response to the answer to my comment’s in Steve’s blog
where I noted that being on the three peaks slot I prefer the erosion to be hidden under snow and no crocodile of Grockles shuffling around. I hate to think what it’s like on a Bank Holiday ? So parking at the bottom of Kingsdale I followed the Bridleway down and over Kingsdale beck, you can just see the van (white dot) 
and setting off to climb Twisleton scar end, which brought Inglebourgh into view
and a photo shoot for Teddy
then across the Clint's to my favourite place at SD 71436 – 76548
here as a 3’ x 2’ framed photo above the TV and most nights more entertaining to view
 here's a blown up view looking across to the slope of Inglebourgh at the crocodile of Grockles I spotted one day, there was nobody in sight on my side, Scales Moor
there’s acre's  of limestone pavement with erratic's everywhere
 back on the 4th March 2010 the snow tempted me to have a go for the top
 climbing higher
Looking down on Ribblehead viaduct
Please Shut the Gate
looking back at Inglebourgh from near the top
at the top of Whernside highest point in Yorkshire, Teddy opens the bar South African Pinotage
with the sun lighting up Morecambe bay, the dark blobs on the coast line Heysham power station
it was a long way back down and with the sun setting into the bay
thanks to Steve for the start, just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. Hi Danny, Great pics and that one of Whernside with the erratic is just stunning. You should be very proud of that one.

  2. I've been climbing the three peaks for over 25 years. Last year I struggled on Pen-y-ghent trying to pull myself over the final section above the scree onto the summit. Old age beginning to smile on the body. Stunning pictures and one of my favourite blogs.

  3. thanks Alan yes favourite place and photo, my last camera (still have) was an Olympus OM1 and I did the full black and white darkroom bit, then along came computers and digital, now I just press the shutter !
    cheers Danny

  4. Hi Keith smiling old age now there's an expression I've never heard before, I wonder just how many appreciate the stunning scenery,a few years ago on the train Skipton to Appleby the kids in the carriage were glued to some game boy thing – beep – beep – beep never once looking out of the window I felt like going over and chucking it out ! cheers for comment Danny

  5. Epic Trek Danny!!! Enjoyed reading this post.