Thursday, 21 April 2011

Brenda, Teddy and more cup stones

Having spent Wed. morning on chauffeur duties which consisted of driving Brenda around the bank and building society to pay bills we stopped on the way home and bought some Yorkshire roast ham, vine tomatoes, water cress, French bread and a bottle of Californian Petite Syria. Made up a picnic and headed through Grassington to park in the layby on the Pateley Bridge road just before Stump Cross caverns see:-
and walked along the Skyreholme track to the first cup boulder on the top of black hill (photo #3 in link above) Picnicked finished off the wine and I left Brenda with the haversacks here and set off cup stone prospecting spotted the mound first then the boulder next to it at mark 001 on the map looking down Wharfdale
out with the marbles
then onto mark 002 
back to the track then over onto the rough pasture until mark 003 came into view, that's the track walls behind
lots of cups and channels
the Bear knows what they mean but he’s not saying
it was then across to a lime kiln in the top corner towards the track
where I had one quick shot of some Geese ? flying over
plenty of ferns growing inside in the shade
back to the track and found Brenda talking to a Lady who lives in Skyreholme and works in the Isle of Man !  put a drip coffee Lavazza on, still in warm sunshine,
before heading back via Barden Bridge to Skipton just in time for the nightly rush hour traffic what a contrast Skylarks to commuting traffic. 
just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. Reports are coming in of a madman who seems to be roaming the Yorkshire Dales with a bear and a Kango Hammer.

  2. Hey Danny. We are getting a bit technical with the camera aren’t we? Inset pics now eh!

    Any chance you can increase blog text size a notch, it’s a bit diddy at the start of this post.

  3. I don't know about the Kango but I'm going to have a go, wild camp hammer and chisel - watch this space !
    cheers Danny

  4. Hi Alan all down to windows paint for the inset.I take at 3264 x 2448 and can then pan around on the computer and spot things I missed in the field.
    Blog has a mind of it's own I've never touched the text size but had to Edit to large to increase as it was set at normal (gremlins again)
    cheers Danny