Saturday, 19 March 2011

Teddy Tours Rear Clouts

I don’t usually do weekends, too many Grockles parking in gate holes and letting their dogs run loose which rightly winds the Joshkins up. The fine weather though tempted me out today so parked in the layby just before Stump Cross Caverns on the Grassington to Patley Bridge road 
and followed the track to Skyreholme
passing the first cup marked rock at the top of Black Hill road
seems rather odd that there’s a dry stone wall built across the top ? but the cups are superb almost like craters
carrying on along the track you're looking down Wharfdale, with heather burning on the slopes of Simons Seat
the track swings left and starts to descend to the fork
with a view to the right
the Joshkin had a flock of sheep rounded up in the field to the left so I didn’t explore that stone but carried on to the fork and through a gate into the field to find the next cup marked rock
stopped for a snicker and an apple here, with my back to the rock out of the bitter wind, I’d put my top layers on but eyes were streaming and dew drop forming 
had a closer view of the heather burn from here
headed back to the left hand fork of the track and continued along towards Eller Edge Nook with the next stones arrowed in red
 looking back down Larnshaw beck 
into the field to the first cup marked stone with a superb circle of cups as well as lots of random ones
then onto the second, with larger cups
back to the track at Eller Edge Nook and followed the fence onto the moor, looking back down the fence
and looking forward
and to the left over Breast Pits
and right to Menwith Hill
a closer look at Echelon
 I got fed up following the endless fence so climbed over and headed in the general direction of the van, you can see the road coming into view, 
 but the rocks had a pull so I followed them round
 the cliff edge just had to be explored
with Simons Seat coming back into view
and lots of Bivy spots showing up 
one of them was really sheltered from the wind, So Teddy set up the Bistro
a drip Lavazza coffee + Barbados cane sugar, Crumpets with Butter and Marmite and a Spanish Roja 
set off back down with a last look at Rear Clouts (I can feel a Bivy coming on here)
 and the electronic Voodoo Garmin spot on for the van, which was out of sight on the way down
 just thought I’d share cheers all Danny


  1. What a lovely walk! And a delicious meal - Teddy knows how to enjoy life!

  2. Thanks Danny, smashing post and pics. Hmm Lavazza coffee, i can smell it here.

  3. Hi Maria, thanks for comment you can may be guess I'm not in the light weight gear club,have been known to take an 8" cast iron skillet !
    cheers Danny

  4. Hi Alan, over the years we've tried loads of different coffees but seem to have settled on Lavazza every couple of months when the local supermarkets have an offer on we stock up. If we use anything regular we buy in bulk and keep a stock - better than money in the bank !
    cheers Danny