Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Teddy Tours Gollinglith 22-3-11 part 1

Another Rock Art expedition, usual route to Grassington then Hebden – Greenhow – Pateley Bridge – Ramsgill – Lofthouse – Leighton – Gollinglith
parked just before West Agra farm and running off their drive is a green Bridleway not shown on the 50k. which meets the two footpaths shown in red just after the fork
 looking back to the fork
there’s then a green path leading up to the wood, again not shown on my map, with a gate just before the wood into the field to visit stone 1
the along and through a tumbled down wall to stone 2

back to the first gate and there’s another gate, just before it, into the wood, about where the No.3 is, and a green footpath along the edge of the wood passing stone 3
and then stone 4

and along to stone 5
It was back to stone 4 for dinner
which was last nights chilli warmed up in a roasting bag in a Billy of boiling water
the water then used for a drip Lavazza coffee, and the roasting bag rolled down into the water bottle cup, this way there’s no washing up, eaten with a crust of home made bread and a Robin Wood spoon
the Bear had Champagne I had to drink out of a puddle !
 what a dinner table
 just thought I’d share cheers all Danny
Part 2 posted


  1. I've seen cup-shaped markings like these on rocks in the Cairngorms and always wondered what they were. I'll look at them more closely next time I stumble across some and take some pictures. Thanks for that. And for the cooking tips. Alen McF

  2. Thanks for comment - yes I've passed them for over 50 years and never given them much thought, they're a good way of getting out into the hills to track them down though, I'll put up another post with some Google info.
    cheers Danny