Tuesday, 8 March 2011

a Biting Jobby

I'm glad this was on the outside of the kitchen window and I was inside
 I've named it a Biting Jobby because :-
1 - I went on the Dipterists Forum and they want £9 to join  
2 - the British Entomological and Natural History Society want £20
So I can call it what I want for free ! and look at the "stabber" a proper hypodermic  
2. If any of them read this and smugly think they're clever for knowing the Latin name, spare a thought for all the "poor" folk that are pleased to share their time and photo's for free ! but send Teddy 10 guineas or it's Kapok Voodoo time !
to all the rest just thought I'd share cheers all  Danny


  1. Looks like a Dance Fly to me.


  2. I bet you'd dance, if it bit you !
    cheers Danny

  3. I believe these bugs devour glass!

    Thats a hell of a thing.
    Dance fly eh. Does that mean it has a troop.

  4. I think that Biting Jobby is probably a better name for it, common names usually are. Anyway it gives me the creeps whatever it's called.

  5. thanks Brian yes dance fly :- Empis tesselata
    I'll send your fee in small used bills !
    cheers Danny