Saturday, 12 March 2011

A comment for Alan Rayner

Hi Alan because I can't post photo's with comments - here's a comment Blog to :-
If you  had a proper Tent
You could take lots of gear !
and stand up to cook Breakfast !!!

---- Different times but all at Newbiggin - Waberthwaite with Scarefell in background - photo #1
cheers Danny


  1. Danny,
    I don't know about Scarefell but it's a scary thing.
    I don't think we have got that much gear in all of our kitchen.
    It's a good job you could sleep in the van! And no sign of the bear! I don't suppose he could stand the embarrassment.
    Thanks Danny, made us both go "Oh my God" Whats it all for? Laughs all round.

  2. Hi Alan if you look just left of the front tent pole (there's x3 and x2 ridge-poles) there's Teddy, the tent's 14'x10'x8'you can just see the midge inner with sown in ground sheet behind the middle pole,for 25+ years we still have and I use/d a Vango Force 10 Mk4 but when you come up 70 Brenda just started to struggle laying down to get dressed and undressed to get in and out of the sleeping bag and cook kneeling in the fly porch, so rather than finish camping all-together I bought this canvas Patrol tent for £35.
    The reason for all the gear was we were supposed to meet one of the "save 5 grams" and cut your toothbrush handle off types here after I recomended Newbiggin, perhaps he saw us first but he never turned up ! We had a great few days though - only ones on site - memorable infact
    I'll have to post some photo's of my shed
    cheers Danny

  3. Danny,
    Youre a star.
    Spotted Teddy! Just. He’s looking very smart.
    £35 for that has to be a bargain. Do you manage to get all it set up before it’s time to go home. Do you actually use all of it?

    I don’t think our scout patrol (thats going back a bit) had as much as this.

  4. What a lovely set up! I think if I could persuade Lord Elpus to carry the tent & stove and I'll carry the whisky & rations we'll be sorted!
    Job done!

  5. I guess you need something bigger, just like this festzelt verleih