Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Char cloth production

Following on from my Flint and Steel Fire lighting post :-

I needed some more Char cloth so took some photo’s, just in case anyone fancy's a go ? A proper heat treated Steel makes the best sparks but it’s possible with just a piece of old file, hold in vice with a couple of inch showing and a sharp tap (ok smash) with a hammer should snap it off (mind your eyes) Just as an idea why not use the rest of the file to make some Tinder Tin gift sets up (different ?)see photo #2 in above link
cutting towel into rough one inch strips
then into rough squares
place in the tin, here a one ounce tobacco tin with a nail hole about the size of a match in the lid, the one in the photo’s only to illustrate this 
then in my case onto the fire though a B-B-Q or camp fire or even a blowlamp will do for as long as the smoke from the hole burns at first there might be too much pressure but it will catch and burn with a roar then begin to die down
wait until it’s about candle flame size and remove from the fire and cover the hole up, I find a coin works well, to stop any oxygen then it doesn’t smoulder away
when cool off with the lid and “Jobs a Gudun”
if it’s not black but still brown it needs to go back on to the fire, but you soon get the hang of it and even chared the towel keeps it's small loops which are idel for catching a spark
just thought I’d share – cheers all Danny


  1. you can do good charcloth type stuff with the fluffy stuff off of bullrush. a good in-the-field option. i love flint and steel method of lighting fires. it is great fun.

  2. Hi Tim, I’ve only tried them as is, and found them like Thistledown, catch easy but burn in a flash with out much heat to light the tinder. I’ll have a go at charring one,have you tried soaking one in wax (melt old candle stubs) and use as a camp light ?
    cheers Danny