Monday, 5 August 2019

Thank you Alan

Ordered x2 cast iron 'Dutch' oven Bread Tins from Germany, had an E-mail every step of the way - left the factory, in transit with DPD courier, at the docks, picked up, in transit, at main sorting depot, at Preston depot, out for delivery the drivers name is Alan, between 12:00 and 13:00, it arrived at 12:11 it took x3 days from Germany ! Bloody Hell that's faster than Royal Mail First Class !
measured them and bought some plained pine and made x2 rising boxes
then made a template to make a partchmen paper liner without creases or wrinkles

dough out of fridge, from last night
let rise an hour
oven's been on to 450*F, with bread tins in
lift dough with partchment paper out of rising boxes drop into hot cast iron bread tins, back into oven 1/2 hour out, lid off back in 1/4 hour
 All I needed was a can of Stella ' Breakfast of Champions'