Sunday, 29 July 2018

Mennock Pass - again

I altered the tarp awning to make it easier to put up, bolt a strut to the roof rack put the pole in at the other end - free standing, same for the other two then bolt the cross braces to give a ridged structure
the tarps cut to size and joined with nut/bolts and washers, so just slips over then is fastened to the roof rack, pole tops and bottom of poles with washers and wing nuts, the door fixes over the first strut and slides to open and shut
I'd no bother setting it up by my self when I arrived

I'd built a Rocker/Box Cradle to try out, but should have tried it out at home as it needs a few tweaks ! it works but is too slow

I'd built a new Sluice as well and again this needs a big tweak ! like make it a foot shorter, it catches Gold but is hard to set up with the right water flow/ slope angle

I spent a couple of hours cutting new matts for it from the Rocker Box matts
but wished I'd brought the Flower Trough Sluice from the June expedition
which worked great and was easy to set up. Lucky though a couple of 'panners' passing by said they were coming back Sunday and would bring a spare small Sluice I could borrow for the day.
So I spent a couple of days digging pumping and riddling to 1/2" and piling it on a tarp
they arrived on Sunday and I ran it through

it certainly caught Gold right down to dust sized specks. I panned a couple of pans there but brought the rest of the concentrate back to pan at home and I've still 1/2 a bucket to do

I enjoyed the Tour and learnt alot for next time

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Sluice finished

hand rake made from cut off tines of big rake

I've cut x4 poles and x4 cross struts to make a self standing Tarp shelter
then it's not tied to the car,

just the tarp to sort out then it's back to the Mennock to try for more :-