Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Halocaridina Rubra

Artificial Silk Fern behind tank
still waiting for Ammonia to Nitrite to Nitrate for Algae to grow
They say Patience is a virtue

Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Light added
I've taken the foam filter out and replaced it with a fine air stone, and moved the heater to horizontal at the back. The light's on a timer with a 12hrs cycle

Hygrometer and TDS meter, added 195gms Marine Salt
for a Specific Gravity of 1.012 (Brackish)
added 5ml API Qick start (Bacteria) to start the Nitrate cycle
added x10 drops of Ammonium Chloride to feed the Bacteria
then time to play with the API Saltwater test kit
I've upped the tank (approx 20ltr water) to 75*F
195gm Marine Salt = SG 1.012 (Brackish)
16/02/18 --------- 5ml API Quick Start
19/02/18 ---------- x10 drops Ammonium Chloride
API Ammonia test = 2 ppm
API ph test = 7.8
API Ammonia test = 1ppm
API Nitrite test = 0.15 ?
Because I couldn't get the Coral gravel to wash clear and added an inert substrate I added a piece of Coral to act as a PH Buffer

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Doctor Beakers Laboratory

Starting a new hobby keeping Halocaridina rubra Shrimp
It is a small red shrimp, rarely longer than 1.5 cm (0.6 in) in length, typically found in brackish water pools near the sea shore, sometimes in large numbers. Such pools are referred to as anchialine pools (from the Greek anchialos = near the sea). Halocaridina rubra is endemic to the Hawaiian islands, and most commonly found in anchialine pools in fresh lava substrates on Hawaiʻi and Maui Island.
the starting point was finding a discounted tank only, because it was missing it's internal filter which ran a fountain on top with changing coloured LED lights and a basket of plastic plants. I wouldn't have wanted all that crap might as well have had plastic shrimp !
I bought a box of Marine salt, heater, a bag of coral gravel and some Lava rock,
the next quest was to find Reverse osmosis Dionised water tracked it down £2:50 for 25ltrs, bring your own container.
drilled some holes through the Lava rock for hiding caves

couldn't get the Coral gravel to wash clear and it's colour was a clash with the Lava rock so used
Gravel in the tank, heater, small sponge air filter, Lava rocks then added the water

I've a couple of Marimo moss balls which are actually a form of Algae waiting to go in
as these do well in brackish water. I'll let the tank settle then turn on the heater and filter for a few days then add the salt to a specific gravity of 1.010 (brackish)
I've yet to rig up lights on a timer I've some GU10 6500K LED bulbs (daylight)
then it's waiting for the Nitrogen cycle
which should take about two months. I'll add a couple of Zebra Nerite snails as soon as Algae starts to grow to help keep it down and speed up the Nitrogen cycle as these don't mind brackish water
It's all go in Doctor Beakers Laboratory