Saturday, 5 March 2011

Fly Stalking

As mentioned to Alan the Odyssee a few Blog posts back I’d had my camera a Canon power shot A720 a couple of years before by chance I worked out how to use the Macro setting, every time I set “tulip” on the dial it came up manual focus !!! No where in the instructions does it say you have to be in Auto with no zoom on ! for Macro, any way after I figured it out I spent a couple of days out in the local park stalking flies. If you’ve not tried it you’ve to move slow and not cast a shadow ! Great Fun. I took them at 3264 x 2448 and cropped them to around 800 x 600 with windows paint

of course there’s competition from other stalkers 
just thought I'd share a few, cheers all Danny


  1. Nice flies.... Its always worth checking when somebody says that to you eh?

  2. A very nice collection too!

    I'm jealous. Haven't seen a solitary fly up here when out walking the dog. You must have them all!

  3. What amazing pictures. I can't even get a picture of a lamb without it runs off first so I would never be able to get a fly.

  4. Hi Tilly,sunny day primus and brew kit on park bench along with picnic and a bottle of wine and nothing better to do than Stalk flies ! It's a hard life, but someones got to do it !
    cheers Danny