Thursday, 14 April 2011

Smearsett Scar Teddy Tour

Smearsett Scar trig point SD 80253 - 67802  looking to Penyghent
Drove to Settle and over Buck Haw Brow to turn off and park at Feizor, walked through the village and along to Wharfe wood where I turned right on the Stainforth path
Spotting an Erratic at #1 on the map I thought Erratics 1 Drystone wallers 0
a quick loop over the clints and there were lots of erratics showing, here at #2 on the map
I then headed up to the Trig Point on Smearsett Scar for dinner. Trig point coming into view at #3 on the map
Dinner at the Trig Point Menu :- Steak and Onions
Crinkle cut chips cooking
 Steak and Chips with Nando's Peri Peri Ketchup and a glass of Australian Merlot
 Finished off the wine overlooking Stainforth
 Before heading back along the ridge and passing
Zen and the Art of Dry Stone Walling at  #4
and as the light dropped a silhouette before the track back to Feizor at #5 on the map
just thought I'd share and say yes there was a "Mike Knipe - Was Ear" blue plaque on the trig! but did he have steak and chips ? cheers Mike and all, Danny

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  1. I think we scoffed our butties at Pot Scar after having frightened ourselves on the South Arete..
    Probably something involving Lancashire cheese and red onions and sweet coffee..