Friday, 17 June 2011

Hare Stones Millstone

To follow on from the Addingham moor Millstones back in the 1970's I found one at the Hare Stones at
SD 91138  31644 but hadn't been back till 9-11-2009
Parking the van at Widdop reservoir I followed the Gorple Gate Track with a view back across to the Water Board house at Widdop Lodge
as the track kinks at Clough Head Stones there's a look back to the van and the boulder balanced on top of Cludders Slack (what a great name)
followed the track as far as a locked gate at Spring Head then turned down to the Hare Stones
67" diameter 11" thick with a 9" diameter centre.
I don't know how you'd move it now let alone back in the horse and cart days ? Maybe that's the clue carve two and pull them on an axle ? Here's a view from Google Earth
There wasn't much shelter so I set off for the middle rocks on the horizon D on the map
To find a carved bowl full of water on the top,You often get these around here on the moors and even in a hot sunny spell they still have water in I wonder if it's a dew pond type thing using condensation and if so how far back was it carved ?
That wasn't the only good find though because under the rock was a perfect shelter
 and from the back
 the Bear opens the Bistro with a Vietnamese drip coffee using water from the rock bowl above and a home made bread and Sild in T sauce butty
(A perfect "Bivy" spot watch this space), before exploring Black moor and down to the dam wall then back to take a photo of the sun set at Gorple Gate
 Just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. One of your most interesting Teddy Tours. Any of them with potential pre-historic rock shelters are of interest to me. Great one Danny. Cousin John from the land of bad beer.

  2. Wow this really is beautiful and is currently on my places to go list thanks to you

  3. I wish I could get our more Danny. Your walks take in some lovely views in parts of the countryside I've yet to visit. I plan to follow in some of your footsteps this summer.

  4. Hi Keith, if you want a guide just give us a shout, and I don't mind wandering off for an hour or two if you get the sketching head on
    cheers Danny