Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Snowden Carr 5-7-11

With the A59 closed at Blubberhouses I went Skipton - Ilkley - Otley - to park at Snowden Carr
Had a look round at the Cup and Ring stones
I suppose it's to be expected that they're dissolving away after 5,000 + years of weather. Though this one looks like it might have broken on the last carving stroke,
I wonder what the expletive was ?
A bit futher along and Teddy found a friend
 anyone know what it is ? or should I say turn into, it would have been better camoflage if the moor was covered in Cactus rather than Heather
It was on a very intricately carved stone at 005 on the map
 and from a lower angle
 with another, fading away, stone more upright next to it
 it was then uphill passing maybe a naturally weathered stone ?
before Teddy swept one out
There'd been a couple of showers so it was back to the van, to drive about a mile North to park by the under ground reservoir along the Water board track
 with todays menu a large Scotch pancake with Greek honey and Californian Sirah
 with the showers stopping it was a walk through the wood
 with lots of Foxgloves in all the glades
 and a sculptured looking Oak
 through the wood and onto the first boundary stone on Denton moor,
the Bear said it was D for Dan
 then back to and through the wood (Cleg city) and home via Askwith - Denton - Ilkley - Skipton. just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. We have tomato caterpillers that look similar to Teddy's friend. They are almost invisible on tomato plants. Is that a jug of white wine or gasoline? John from the land of bad beer

  2. Hi John, in USA, it's a cider flagon being used as a water carrier in the van I use a 58 pat. bottle in the haversack and refill at the van,
    cheers Danny

  3. I think that your caterpillar might be an emperor moth which feeds on heather (amongst other things). The adult moths are highly spectacular!
    Really enjoying the cup and ring carvings - do we know what purpose they served?

  4. Hi Mark :- do we know what purpose they served?

    Teddy dose