Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Weston Moor today 12-7-11

Parked right by the footpath stile, which was handy
and had a look at the first cup and ring stone at 001
looks like an Owl
while here I spotted this stone in the fields below
there's a definite cup mark
it was then back past 001 and around the wood to 003
self portrait
time for a snack, just the crust here,- home made bread, cornd beef, onion, watercress and mustard
I then drove to park by the under ground reservoir on the water board track see

passed a few of these on the way into the wood
through the wood and looking back
went to the end of Lippersley Ridge
where's the wind had been quite warm in the wood it was cold on the moor, it made a great shelter for dinner
finished the corned beef off and the wine was a 2006 Spanish Berberana, which I'd buy again Cheers All
the view from the cairn
and back over the wood to Menwith spy base
It was back down to the wood and back into a warm wind, the wood is quite open for a change
with lots of flowers
and quite a few of these
you've got to know how to whistle them Oldmortality !
cheers again all, Danny


  1. I've heard of the horse-whisperer Danny but never of the butterfly-whistler!
    Going back to the cup and ring marked rocks - how did you knwo where to look? I've clicked on your maps and they don't seem to be recorded in may way.

  2. Hi Mark it's a known area from
    but as it says in the intro. to 002
    "while here I spotted this stone in the fields below" If I get a map off the Bear it's covered in X's and palm trees !
    cheers Danny