Thursday, 14 July 2011

Brenda's Butty Bar

Oldmortality look away now
It stopped flapping after I "Tazered" it ! only joking you've got to know the "whistle" With 'appen the last day of sunshine forcast for the next few days Brenda and myself decided on a picnic at Bleasdale Stone Circle
Calling in at Booths of Clitheroe for some whole wheat, grain sticks, Yorkshire honey roast ham, watercress, white onion, cherry vine tomatoes and a bottle of 2007 Californian Zinfandel then through Chipping into Bleasdale to park by the church
followed the track along towards the circle and it was soon Cleg slapping time again
I wonder if the eyes are like finger prints and all different ?
At the circle it was a glass of wine each to toast our wedding anniversary

the Bear collected a bag of fircones for weather forcasting and to burn in the Hobo stove collection, as fuel
the Clegs were still a pain I bet they'd spoil a bivy and they certainly favoured me ! over Brenda ?
Brenda's (who's 70 next ! shh!) wearing a New Zealand Jade pendant
the back has a thumb sized hollow to make it a "touch" stone
which I had an e-mail from an Al Brown, Blacksmith and Jade Carver ( ) asking if there was any chance of a swap for some Moughton Whetstone I sent a parcel over saying I was short of an Awl, and surprize me, He certainly did as along with the above pendant came a work of art Awl with a note :-
Danny, this Awl is made from a small piece of Damascus steel and a piece of 8” rats tail Nicholson file. The Damascus was made by Brian Macdonald; a Scottish Smith who lived in NZ for years- he moved back to UK to work for Historic Places Trust on Hadrian's Wall restoration, He passed away 2 years ago (RIP Brian) the file shaft is embedded 1” into the handle, a square shank driven into a round hole whilst the handle was red hot. The file was then cut down and formed, reheated and tempered @ 200*C for 1 hour -----------
Should last you out Danny --- !!
I made a container from some 22mm copper pipe and an end cap with a 1/2 penny soldered on for the base and a counter sunk cork pushed down the tube to protect the Awl point which fits through a reel of saddlers thread with the cardboard ends removed and a couple of needles fit in, with-it with room to spare. The Awl is 3 and 3/4" long

I'm sure I had the better end of the deal but here's sone of Al's work

and his card though this is not the e-mail I used (see above)
Right advertising over though the man is a Craftsman ! It was back to the van at the church and Brenda set up her Butty Bar
while I brewed up a Lavazza drip coffee
 and this is what happened to a Cleg that tried to land on my leg - it ended up Belly Up !

It was then a look round the church yard
and if Oldmortality thinks Butterflies are hard try Swallows flying in and out the tower

the grounds were immaculate though there were wild flowers
and lots of blackberry flowering on the outside walls

but a sign of the times the benches were chained down, even out here in the middle of nowhere !
 A final view of Brenda leaving the Lych gate
just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. I'll say this for you, Danny - you certainly know how to show a girl a good time.
    Anniversary treat ? - butties in a graveyard !

  2. OK I did row the boat out a bit !
    No expenses spared
    cheers Danny

  3. A bealated happy anniversary to you both.

    You got some great stuff in this trade Danny.

  4. Hi Sticks65 I sure did, "Teddy's Bank of Whetstone" better than money, cut the grubby grabbing bankers and government taxers out of the loop ! how long would they last, if everyone woke up to the - money is debt con. ?
    Your Spark Striker is a constant pocket companion being so small
    the modern stick on velcro didn't last long though "what a rip off" ! replaced with a rubber band
    cheers Danny

  5. happy aniversary to you loverly peeples!!! from mistur brown

  6. Cheers Mistur Brown going on 30 years and were still "best mates" we've worked, played, shopped, and lived together at that rate it's more like 60 years. - best wishes Danny