Saturday, 9 July 2011

Mike Knipe look away Now !

Too late, don't drool in your beard ! Set off dinner time on another Cup and Ring finding expedition, back to Nussey Green see:- 
followed the track along looking back over Nussey House Farm
with lots of these sunning on the wall
reached the gate with a permissive footpath map
and followed the green track down
to find mark 001 to the left of the track
not much left after 5000 years + of weathering
then to the right of the track below mark 002 on the map not quite as worn away
then on to mark 003 deeper cups

 then mark 004 Cups with a groove between ???
a proper Enigma, though the Bear knows
back to the track and continue down passing an old mine entrance
the only trouble with these is that you don't know whats hanging about !
just round the corner and there's the old mine building from 
7th Feb 2011 and No Comments!
It was windy but the Bear found a sheltered spot to the right below the spoil heap and set the stove up for a drip Lavazza coffee
while this was brewing it was Flora and Fauna time

Great camoflage
and the Star of the show
Cleg's seem to like me
but check out the eyes (click for larger photo)
Scary ! Alien, then back to smoked bacon, egg, home made bread and Nando's perrie perrie  tomatoe sauce and a glass of Californian Sirha
It was then back up the track
looking back down
out through the gate, looking back from on the moor
with another boulder at mark 007
just a single cup (left?)
and a final one at mark 008 though this might be natural ?
then back to the track and the van -- just thought I'd share cheers all Danny

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  1. I was playing Mancala with my kids this morning - is that your theory for the cup carvings?
    The cleg's eyes are amazing. I don't know how you managed to keep still to take them however.
    Your picture of the teddy/mike at the mine entrance caused a lot of chuckling at this end.
    Thanks for posting.