Friday, 31 December 2010

Teddy Tours Druids Temple

1st. March
Had a day out with Mrs QDan (Brenda) we managed Skipton, Blubberhouses, Harrogate, Ripon, Masham OK then got into the backroads  we passed cross road after crossroad and junction after junction without a road sign, we even went through villages with no sign to say where we were, and there was no one about to ask. So after a couple of doubling backs and allot of swearing at the map we managed to find SE 17471 78710 mainly by looking for the farm name signs. So along a forest road as far as a locked gate then no real car park or signs we stopped got out the gear and walked through the forest to find
that was the first view and these were a few walking round it

All the surrounding woods were full of boulders
Back to the main circle for dinner, Teddy and Brenda argued as to who was chief druid
Dinner Bacon and Egg with Crinkle cut Chips Perri Perri Ketchup cooked on a Czechoslovakia "Meva" 2 pint paraffin roarer which with no wind didn't need to be in the Jacobs biscuit tin wind shield I have this in a silent burner model as well
and a South African Pinotage/Shiraz

 an enjoyable day out and dinner, just thought I'd share, cheers all Danny


  1. this was last year march?? how come there are no comments when it is such an unspeakably impressive sight?? stone henge is like a poor cousin by comparison! this is gigantic AND cosy , now get that together!

  2. Wouldn't mind visiting, looks a really interesting spot. Do you have any background information, obviously contemporary!

  3. Hi Keith, just the first x2 from Google

  4. WOW Fantastic......where are those sites??? Amazing...I'm about to look up ref SE 17471 78710 thanks for sharing