Friday, 31 December 2010

Teddy Tours Marble Steps Pot

Parked at the bottom of Kingsdale. Looking into Kingsdale at Whernside


Looking back to Ingleton
Climbing up and looking over Twistleton Scars to Penyghent
 A bit further and the Lake District comes into view
Climbed up, off the path, to the cairn on Low Plain to look over to Penyghent
 The tree tops at Marble Steps Pot began to show
Into the wood and the first view of the Pothole
looking down
 Some icicles hanging in
 and the trees hanging on
Teddy hangs on
Teddy tries a spot of ice climbing
I boil some water and start a drip coffee off (Lavazza) before frying some Rump steak
Home made bread with Canadian (red spring) whole-wheat flour and a 2007 Rioja,CampoViejo
just thought I’d share – cheers all Danny


  1. He's very brave, that teddy bear.....

  2. At least he's got Elf and safety gear helmet,crampons and an ice axe, even if they are windows paint, whats Bruno got apart from clip on Raindeer antlers ?
    cheers Danny