Thursday, 10 March 2016

Battered Spam at Sewell's Cave

This is going to be mainly a photo Blog as I've got back stiff and knackered, well I am an OAP ! So I'll post the photo's and save the Waffle for comment answers !
Parked at the same spot as Sundays 'Jews Ear Cafe' Blog and followed the same path (Goat track ledge) past the Fungus Cafe

I'm off to sit by the fire with a Single Malt and a Pipe of Balkan Mix


  1. Hi DaD xx
    i bet your tired ..looking at the and the area.. treking
    i see the tree is still happy growing throw the rock..
    food you need that after walking..funny i checked a couple of times today to see if you managed to go italy its decided to stop raining...but we have snow on mountains 700m
    Big Hugs justinexxxxx

    1. Food who said anything about food ?
      I said 'single malt by the fire' !
      700 meters Sewells cave is only 725 foot !
      and it was in the sun-shine I took my wooly pully off half way round.

    2. P.S. Mum's not shure if you remember what Spam is ? and she's never seen it for sale in Italy,you never had any Battered and fried while you lived over here.
      XXXXX Dad