Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Jews Ear Cafe

Parked in the layby, over Buck Haw Brow, out side Settle North Yorkshire

 View from the top - Pendle Hill
 Bowland Kotts
 the Lake District
 Back down into the wood

then back down to the layby (looking back)
Link to Fungus :-


  1. Nice one. Great minds think alike or should I say "ear ear". I have never come across that gas saver before, what a great find. I will be getting one.

    1. It'll soon pay for it's self with the 100gms at £4.50 and the 470gms at £3.80

    2. p.s. without asking they put 'stove part $9' on the customs form came through in about 2 weeks no problems, it's also handy for collecting all the bits of gas in nearly empty large canisters into one full one the pressure valve is handy as when the canisters equalize pressure no more liquid gas flows but a quick press vents the bottom canister and it starts to flow again. When you've filled you can weigh the canister and vent any over fill gas (outside)

  2. Hi DaD Great photo's. . That rock looks alive..3rd after ( back down to woods)... never seen a mushroom like that ...let alone heard!!!
    Big hugs justinexxxxx

    1. Hello Justine (in Italy)
      I bet the rocks would look alive at night with a full moon ! fancy a camp ? ;-)
      I've added a link at the end of Blog to Fungus.
      Hugs back Dad XXXXX

  3. Hi DaDxx
    i looked on the map.. sewell's cave
    hope to see some photo's soon ..
    Big Hug justinexxxxx

    1. Another Blog post in about 15 minutes
      XXXXX to Justine in Italy

  4. Ruffinogold has left a new comment on your post "The Jews Ear Cafe":

    Ruffinogold has left a new comment :-
    I found you again , Wickerman !!!! Please copy my email ... ruffinogold*********. Been missin you a long while .Hope all is well with you and the Lady :)

    Cheers Ruffinogold I'll drop you an e-mail.
    I have looked at your Blog but no updates since Oct. 2012 ?
    Best Wishes to you and yours Dan & Ted