Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Pieman gets a medal from Oldmortality !


  1. Cheeky young whipper snapper....

  2. "Steady, Mike. The stent nearly popped out there. You really should try that Victoria Beckham diet that I'm on "

  3. What's up Mr Pie didn't you see :-
    you must have been hanging about surely or is that surly ?
    cheers the Bear

  4. A Blogger Poll :-
    Q - does Bacchuss look like the Pieman ?
    Yes -
    No -

  5. Yes.
    Where did you find this? Is the Pieman secretly Bacchuss and therefore immortal?
    Ummmm - actually if he is you might be in trouble Dan, mortals who start sparring with Olympians rarely do well out of the deal. How do you fancy having your liver eaten every day for eternity? Think on.

  6. Hi Dionysus's mate, Naahh ! it's Bacon the Pieman's partial to.
    cheers Danny

  7. I'm not keen on liver. I was put off it at New Road School where it was often on the menu. I remember the original post, Dan, but I think that at the time, for some reason, some blogs, including yours, wouldn't let me post comments.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm bacon............ (dribble)