Friday, 28 February 2014








  1. ... Welcome back to the virtual world of anyway, is that a bit of Bridlington flint? Teddy looks well by the way!

    1. is this Bruno ?
      flint has "a Present from Ribblehead" through the middle

  2. Great pics. Love the circles and cairns around there!

    1. and the 'henge' at Grassington

  3. Hi Danny. Good to see you back - hope all three of you are well.
    Some interesting lumps. i don't know the area at all , but I was thinking glacial till, ancient settlement or limestone workings. Is that a primitive kiln ?

    1. I've got them down as cairn circles - but who knows /

      The Enchantment
      “A great scientific instrument lies sprawled across the entire surface of the globe. At some period, perhaps it was about 4000 years ago, almost every corner of the world was visited by a group of men who came with a particular task to accomplish. With the help of some remarkable power, by which they could cut and raise enormous blocks of stone, these men erected vast astronomical instruments, circles of erect pillars, pyramids, underground tunnels, cyclopean stone platforms, all linked together by a network of tracks and alignments, whose course from horizon to horizon was marked by stones , mounds and earthworks.”

      “No one knows how the world-wide task was achieved, still less why. And this of course, is the ultimate question. If we know why these people outside the range of written history devoted their entire skill and resources to the construction of a terrestrial pattern that measured both the earth and the heavens, we would know the secret of their universal civilization, a state which now seems hopelessly elusive.” -
      John Michell, The View over Atlantis

  4. Alen McF
    Thank you for commenting on Mike Knipe's query about the flint because I thought it was part of an oyster shell from under a stall on Morecambe prom. I had visions of you and Teddy disappearing for months at a time into seafront bingo halls, frittering away your money. So where have you been? Still curious, Alen McF

    1. You won’t fine me anywhere there’s more than a couple of folk
      as I prefer my own company and hate crowds,
      I’ve no money but am rich in time and that’s priceless. With the Blog
      I found myself spending that long setting up a photo of a meal in the hills with the Bear
      that I was eating it luke warm, and for what 5 or 6 page views and a couple of comments
      but no mention of the meal, or the cast iron skillet, brass primus etc.
      So started not taking the digital camera and sometimes not even the Bear !
      but a note book and pencil instead and I’ve now quite a diary to look through
      then I started to take my Olympus OM1 35 mm camera with a 36 roll of film and the Bear
      This post was to take a swipe at the Northern Antiquarian forum lot not getting out
      even if I post maps and Ariel views, so I posted it here as well
      I’ve read all your Blog posts even though you don’t show up on my watched blog list
      that went along with all the icons of my followers when Bollocks Google + started
      I click on yours from Mike Knipe’s Pie site, a few times I tried to comment on yours
      but had a conflict with Word press and it refused it so in the end I gave up
      but think becausetheyrethere is the best Blog out there by far
      cheers Danny

    2. Could I just second that last sentence ?