Friday, 13 November 2015

For British Red

Well I was just going to post a link to an 'old blog' from 6/1/11 as I still chuckle at the comment his kids made about Teddy, but on searching for it, it's one of the several that didn't transfer when Google + took over ? So seen as the photo's are still in Picasa 
I'll post it again
It was one of several attempts to find Brown Hill Barrows
funny enough there's a working link in there to the missing post ?

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Teddy Tours to Knotteranum
6th January,
Well its rained most of the week but the Met office dales weather said fine and sunny with good visibility for today (Thursday) so I printed out a map A4  and laminated it from my (to visit) folder, got a chicken breast and a (birds eye) chilli sausage out of the freezer last night.Thawed out by this morning so a little prep before packing haversack :- skin sausage, slit chicken breast, stuff sausage meat and a couple of sun dried tomatoes in then a drizzle of olive oil and wrap in smoked bacon then x2 layers of bacofoil, 
finished packing haversack boots on, gaiters on, Bear in haversack out to van --- it’s raining ! set off anyway Barnoldswick – Gisburn – Bolton by Bowland – Holden, where I left the rain behind  – Stocks Reservoir stopped on the causeway looking left at the ice covering
 and looking right
 and parked by Fosters Crag  -
19 miles from home and 1383 ft elivation
and here's the funny comment
 "Ohh! Teddy doesn't want to get out"
looking back to Stocks resevoir
set off along the wall, looking back to Fosters Crag
from a good Bivy spot (more later)
and looking where I'm going - just follow the wall
I passed the ruin at Fair Hill Fell
set off across the cleared wood but underfoot was treacherous with snow covered brash and sphagnum bog with some of the large trees blown over I called it a day

and headed back to the Bivy spot, non too soon looking upwind
landed back at the Bivy spot at Knotteranum and lit the Bar-B-Q a stainless sink utensil drainer with some self lighting charcoal helped with meth’s

while this got going I put a drip coffee on to brew
then the foil parcel on I’ve done this dozens of times so I know 20 minutes first side turn over 15 minutes second
So went for a look around with the coffee leaving the Bear in charge
the sun came out as I was photographing Penyghent (telephoto)
and Inglebourgh (telephoto)
 I could  hear a tinkling noise, at first I thought it was the camera but traced it to a hidden (in the heather) spring about 15 yards East
 close up the water was still flowing though just beginning to form an ice stalagmite, this must make it an even better Bivy spot 
on the way back to the Bivy spot I could smell the Bar-B-Q 
 as I finished it off with a 2007 Campo Viejo Rioja, the weather began to close in and I was glad to get to the last rise and see the van  
my footsteps across the road
and back to the van and this is the sun not the moon
and the way home
 just thought I'd share (again) - cheers all Danny


  1. That looks like an excellent Winter jaunt. Very bleak appearing, but from the sounds of it there's a lot of history to the area.
    Thank you for sharing your Tour and photos.
    Kind regards,

    1. That looks like an excellent Winter jaunt. Very bleak appearing,
      Cheers it's 'Grim up North'