Saturday, 12 December 2015



  1. Terrific. My kids are quite practical - they all like making stuff. I wish I wasn't so kack-handed and had some skills to pass on!

    1. I think you're passing on a great skill by letting them make stuff, without getting all
      'Elf & safety' I don't think the boy scouts are allowed any thing sharp nowadays ? my day we all had a William Rodgers Sheffield sheath knife on our belt
      ask the kids what tools they'd like ;-)

    2. Well, thanks - good point. They all have affair selection of knives and various other tools. On the other hand, we're no strangers to A&E!

    3. Life Battle Scars ‹(•¿•)›

    4. I always used to hire a chain saw (before I bought a Stihl) one day "sorry we don't hire them any more" "why not" "some one hired one started it, and climbing a step ladder fell off cutting their leg" "whats that got to do with me ?" "they sued the hire company because they hadn't been told in writing that a running chainsaw was dangerous" Bloody Hell I'd have awarded them a Posthumous Darwen Certificate