Thursday, 5 May 2016

Reed Floats part 2

Thought I'd have a play with my new 'Whipping' tool
but first I made some Bobbin holders rather than keep swaping cotton

 then I had the idea to make them semi self cocking to save shotting on the line

Here's the first batch
Just thought I'd share


  1. Nice stuff from these posts.

    Looks like the floats I had as a child, though there may be a difference in quality :) .

    As always, caught nothing with them.

    Later, went out on a boat from Appledore: guy 20' away was reeling them in; we were nowhere, but busting for a wee :(

    1. Thanks for comment San
      I don't catch much either :-(
      but it's a day out watching all the wildlife on the river :-)