Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bacon and Greenfly

With the weather forcast getting it right for showers I set off late morning for Grassington and parked on the Coniston road below Dewbottom scar (flag)
I'd no where in mind just a wander
choosing the uphill path at any forks
and sheltering a few times for the 10 minute showers
here's a couple for Sticks65
there'd been a fire on the slab but it was all swept away and the site was tidy no rubbish at all
climbing up to look out over the wood at the next shower coming
then headed off the path and continued to climb
heading in the general direction of the Iron age Fort at Gregory Scar
But passing a Bistro spot made a dinner stop, Lavazza coffee on
 then oak smoked bacon with watercress and sliced vine tomatoe on homemade bread
and a tankard of Carlsberg Larger, here's where the Greenfly comes in either bacon smell is a Formone to them ? or 4,000 watt of optimus heat coloumn ? but being under a Sycamore tree they were dropping in the pan thick and fast
I did spot a few Lacewings but only high in the trees, here's one on telephoto
there's not much of Fort Gregory left and what there is is soon going to be covered in Braken for the year
there were a couple of these on the way down
Round-house base ?
Spring is certainly well ahead this year -- just thought I'd share cheers all Dany



  1. You've changed your tipple. Your lunch looked delicious! Where and what is Fort Gregory?

  2. thanks Keith
    Where :- SD 988 654
    What :- Iron Age Fort ?
    cheers Danny