Friday, 6 May 2011

Stanbury Hill Bingley Moor 30-4-11 Notes

I'll put on a couple of notes and links in answer to Marks comment, on :-
at the time it was all I could do to post the photos with something like a migrane headache, making lines of writing swim on the page and painfull behind the eyes. The shiny green butterfly is a Green Hairstreak and there were hundreds about all over the moor, and the copper one is a Small Copper and there were dozens about in twos and threes on the moor. I don't know what the eggs are though Curlew or Plover at a guess, but photo's of each look the same to me, there were both flying about but I didn't see any near the nest ? anybody ? It was cracking flags hot but the wind was really strong and with the moor really dry I didn't take a primus. After the egg photo it looks like a robbed out burial cairn, but I don't know just a guess I'll ask the Bear. I saw a couple of small 2" dark brown Lizards in the tussocks but they were just too fast and beady eyed to point the camera at.
cheers all Danny

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