Friday, 27 April 2012

Hunters stone and Tor Dyke

Just for a change it wasn't raining so set off via Thornton, Skipton by-pass,,Rylstone,Cracoe, Threshfield and stopped outside the Tennant Arms at Kilnsey
 we were too early though so after looking at the beck
we set off for Kettlewell
just opened we were the first served
while Brenda and the Bear had a pint I took some photo's

then set off on the Coverdale road and up Park Rash, passing a limekiln on the right
 and a Teuchat (it was wearing a kilt !)
before arriving at the Hunters stone
 which marks a route used by the Monks from Coverham abbey to Kilnsey, and the Drovers

small stone cairn with fresh cut Holly around just to the side ?
back to the P on the map and park just before the cattle grid
with a view down Wharfedale
looking towards Great Whernside along Tor Dyke

then back over the road and along the Bridleway towards Starbotton

looking back at the Dyke

 carried on along the top, on the track - over looking
and here's a first
the track then got wet !

with either a rescue or training over towards Gt. Whernside

left Brenda on the track and set off to find the long barrow I was looking for
with an Owl hawking up and down and getting mobbed by a Curlew and Lapwings
 had a look for but couldn't find Shorn Cross. I'll have to do some more research
then back to the track passing a small pond (left of red flag) one for Mark (gauntlet ?)
then back along the track

 to the car
and back down Park Rash

and into Kettlewell
just as it started to drizzle, just thought I'd share cheers all Danny


  1. Hi Danny,

    Thanks for the bus time tables! I was coincidentally supposed to be going to Kettlewell today, but I'm doing something a bit more local as my knee still is a bit painfull :) Perhaps next week.

    Great blog entry - as always by the way. Looks like another great walk, I love Great Whernside - proper Yorkshire around those parts.

  2. Danny,
    As usual, your tours are perfect for us "armchair travelers." Those pubs look like special places. We don't have anything like them over here in the land of bad beer. Any chance you can take some inside photos of the pubs and their patrons? John Hall, your American Cousin

    1. OK if you're twisting my arm I'll have to go on a pub crawl, could even start a Blog ?
      thanks for comment

  3. Now that’s stirred some memories for me, Danny. In 1976, a friend and I did our first long-distance walk, which was the Dales Way, and we spent a very happy night in Kettlewell. I cycled through it again a couple of years ago, struggling over the top from Coverdale, and bought an excellent ham and mustard sandwich in the Village Store, which is in your final picture. You had a fine day for your walk. It’s great walking country around there and steeped in history. Thanks for that. It's inspired me to venture down that way again sometime soon.
    Alen McF.

  4. Hi Alen, we've camped dozens of times at, and around, Kettlewell with knowing some of the local farmers. My first fell rescue call out was to Providence pot - Dow cave back in the 60's, great walking area as you say, and pubs too !
    cheers thanks for comment Danny

    1. hi DaD another beauty collection of views ...the close up of the owl... darn good.. nicky said he thinks he's been in one of those pubs but not sure .. good one of you and mum ... who took it crusher? big hug and xxxxxxxjustine

    2. Hi Justine (in Italy),the camera doe's have a motor shot shutter setting, somewhere?, but I just saw the Owl and kept panning and pressing the shutter and like most of my photo's without my glasses on it's more luck than judgement ! luck this time,It's so long since Nicky (grandson) was over I've forgotten just where we did go ? hug back XXX Dad

  5. Great post Danny.
    I'm way behind with my blog-reading at the moment, thanks for drawing my attention to this one.
    I like the way you insert several photos into one - as with the helicopters and the owl. Is that a photoshop thing? (I don't have photoshop.) It's hard to tell, but could the owl be a short-eared owl, hunting over moorland in the day would fit.
    Seems like 2-0 to you with the pond-skaters.
    Good luck with the 'scenes from British pub life' blog. Give me a shout if you need a hand!

    1. Hi Mark, I don't have photo-shop I just use windows paint. I re-size to 800x600 (for Picasa)open this in paint then - paste from - open original photo taken at 3264x2448 - draw around with select tool - cut - then click the undo tool (Ctrl +Z) twice - click paste - re-size if required - draw around with rectangle from shapes --- sounds geeky but easy to do.
      I'm going to take a mat and lie down till the Skater's get used to me. I don't know about a hand with the Pub crawl your American express card would be hand-ier £3.10 pint of Copper Dragon in Blue Bell and I've had better !
      cheers Danny